ライセンスの種類はCC BY-SAとし、クレジット表示を行うことで商用、非商用問わず、再配布、改変、販売を行うことができます。

また、 データの改変を伴う二次利用も可能とします。この場合はCC BY-SAのライセンスに基いて、変更内容とクレジットを明記してください



“PITATT 3D print mask“  2020 © IJU / IJU channel, Tsukasa / Tsukasa-3D


License: Licensed under CC BY 4.0





現在PITATT 3D print maskの完成品を求める声が、私達や3Dプリント関連企業の方々に、数多く寄せられており、より自由度の高いデータの運用について検討しておりました。




About data handling.

We and other 3D printing companies have received a number of requests for the complete PITATT 3D print mask, and we have been considering how to make the data more flexible.

After much discussion, we decided to make the 3D data available to everyone under the Creative Commons license, an international licensing rule.

The purpose of releasing the data under the CC license is not to regulate the use of our 3D data, but to allow as many people as possible to use it freely, so that it can be used to improve design, develop technology and revitalize the industry, thereby advancing society in a better direction.

 We will not be involved in the sale, materials, output, or pricing of products in stores or on flea-market apps, etc., but we will also not be involved in any matters or problems related to these activities, provided that you observe the terms and conditions of use.


今後も、フィードバックを受けてのデータの改良や、PITATT 3D print maskの発信活動を重ねていきたいと思っています。



[Request for assistance]

We will continue to improve the data based on feedback and continue to work on disseminating the PITATT 3D print mask.

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